Introducing the True Revenue Based Security (TRBSTM)

Companies and investors have long dreamt of a way to issue and trade securities based on revenue, but complexity has prevented the dream from becoming reality.

What We Set Out To Do

We believe it’s possible for any company to raise capital without sacrificing ownership by capitalizing on the strength of their revenues.

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The Challenge

Companies want to raise capital, but debt can be expensive and equity gives up control.

Investors need new ways to diversify their portfolios, but equity is at an all-time high and reliable yields are hard to find.

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The Solution

With TRBS, companies can raise capital without sacrificing ownership, and investors can enjoy predictable dividends and equity-like upside.

Trbine provides the expertise and tools to service, structure and support TRBS transparently, reliably and repeatably alongside familiar financial institutions.

Finally an investment even I can understand!
David Clouse, founder of VRBO

Benefits of TRBS

access to assets

Targeted Investment Exposures

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Perpetual Income

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Low Correlation To Markets

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Not Subject To Managerial Manipulation

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Equity-like Upside

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Cost-Effective Financing

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Engages Fans and Affinity Groups

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Creates Transparent Public Metrics

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Retains Control

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Unlocks Trapped Value

We are the machine that powers the TRBS market

The idea of TRBS is simple, but the execution is complex. Only Trbine provides the expertise and tools to service, structure and support transparent TRBS securities reliably and at scale.